Top 5 Best Essential Oil Brands in India 2021

Best essential oil brands in india: Essential oil is highly concentrated, volatile, aromatic liquid that is purely extracted from the fruits, seeds, flowers, bark, stems, roots, leaves or other parts of a plant. Essential oils have been used since ancient times for both their therapeutic and aromatic benefits.

Essential oils are considered highly beneficial for skin, hair and health. They are used in perfumes, cosmetics, soaps, for flavoring food and drink and other products.

These oils are multi-purpose products and they are often used as alternate medicines too. Some essential oils can be helpful in relaxing your body and the mind, while some essential oils can increase your hair growth. Different essential oils have their own set of applications and benefits.

Best Essential Oil Brands in India

There are several brands that make essential oils in India but which are the trust worthy brands. Our team of experts tried different oil brands to bring the Best essential oil brands in india to you.

  • Elansa Essential Oils
  • Old Tree Essential Oils
  • Rey Naturals Essential Oils
  • Seyal Naturals Essential Oils
  • Rouh Essentials Oils
  • Mesmara Essential Oils

Following is the list of brands that provide genuine essential oils with authentic fragrance for your pleasure.

Elansa Essential Oils

Elansa’s tea tree essential oil is Australia’s gift to the world where the native aborigines have been using it for thousands of years as a multipurpose cure.

Elansa Essential Oils

Elansa 100% Pure Tea Tree Essential Oil for Face, Skin, Hair, Acne and Dandruff 15ml

Price:  359.00

  • 100% Australian Tea Tree Essential Oil without any additives or dilutants
  • Antimicrobial, antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic
  • Safe and gentle oil suitable for topical application
  • Traditional and time-tested remedy for skin infections, acne & dandruff
  • Eases respiratory congestion, sinus & throat ailments
  • Delivered with a premium quality glass dropper for ease-of-use

Made by steam distilling leaves of the tea tree shrub, this safe and gentle oil has remarkable antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal qualities that make it useful for healing insect bites, boils, acne, eczema and dandruff. A holistically beneficial oil, it is a must-have for your self-care cabinet.

Old Tree Essential Oils

Old Tree Lavender Essential Oil is a perfect choice for addition in body creams and moisturisers to enjoy nourished and healthier state of skin. The Antibacterial Nature Of Old Tree Lavender Essential Oil Helps To Maintain A Healthy State Of Skin And Hair.

Old Tree Lavender Essential Oils

Old Tree Pure Lavender Oil, 15ml – Treat Acne Promote Hair Growth

Price:  249.00

  • Add to moisturizer for nourish skin & body
  • Reduces anxiety, anger, depression
  • Add to shampoo for healthy & dandruff free long hair
  • Promotes hair growth, helps in skin care and promotes sound sleep
  • Add 2-3 drops to diffuser for fresh, nice & relaxing aroma

It really a good oil for all sort of general infection & bacteria. It reduces acne and dandruff too. If you are a man with the hard skin you can directly apply on face for acne control. However, there will be a burning sensation with this but no damage is done to skin. We add this oil on 2nd number in our list of Best Essential Oil Brands in India.

Advised to mix with a carrier oil and apply it (Use this method when you want to apply it on hair for dandruff). You can also apply it on ringworm and you will get relief from it. In my opinion, a must to have oil.

Rey Naturals Essential Oils

Rey’s Natural Tea Tree Essential Oil has been used since earlier times to keep the skin free from all sorts of infections owing to its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Rey Naturals Essential Oils

Rey Naturals Tea Tree Essential Oil for Healthy Skin, Face, and Hair – 100% Organic Remedy for Dandruff, Acne, Stress, and More – 15ml

Price:  229.00

  • Whether you have clear or oily skin, Rey Natural’s Tea Tree Oil will restore and revitalize to leave it looking healthier than ever!
  • Rey Natural’s Tea Tree Oil comes from the leaves of naturally gown tea tree, and contains no additives or harmful ingredients
  • Add 3 to 4 drops in almond oil for an overnight mask for best results – or add a few drops to a mixture of yogurt and honey for skin-brightening effects!
  • Tea Tree Oil’s natural formula makes it great for organic acne care, and its organic aroma is great for unwinding and relaxing!
  • Tea Tree Oil is extremely versatile, and can be added to shampoo, bath oil, acne treatment, or insect repellent!

For persons seeking a natural solution for dandruff, mix Rey Naturals Rosemary Essential Oil with Rey Naturals Tea Tree Essential Oil or mix tea tree oil in dilution with regular hair oil for amazing results. Rey is one of the best essential oil brands in India

It helps maintain hair health making it naturally longer, shinier and thicker. Rey Naturals Tea Tree Essential Oil also praised as the perfect choice for interiors where a spicy fragrance is demanded.

Seyal Naturals Essential Oils

It is the best known to be helpful in soothing the mind and body when used in aromatherapy, as well soothes nourishes the skin, and effective way to maintain healthy and shiny hair.

Seyal Naturals best essential oil brands

Seyal Lavender Essential Oil Pure & Organic Therapeutic Grade For Skin, Hair, Aroma (15ml)

Price:  199.00

  • 100% Pure & Organic Lavender Essential Oil Distilled From Lavender Flower
  • Seyal Lavender essential oil, also known for its antibacterial activity, it can penetrate pores to kill bacteria.
  • It soothes and nourishes the skin with beautiful effects.
  • Lavender Essential Oil is Very Popular For Use In Massage, Bath Products & Lotions
  • Lavender also Known to have Calming Effect On Skin, Simply Dilute With Your Any Carrier Oil & Apply

Seyal Lavender essential oil pure and organic therapeutic grade undiluted oil, for hair, skin, and aroma. It is extracted through steam distillation from lavender flower. It is very popular for use in massage and bath products So we add this oil on 4th number in our list of Best Essential Oil Brands in India.

Rouh Essentials Oils

100% organic moroccan argan oil your skin deserves to be nourished and healthy and with Rouh Essentials argan oil you can do that easily.

Rouh Essentials Oils - best essential oil brands

Rouh Essentials Moroccan Argan Oil, Pure and Organic, 15ml

Price:  373.00

  • All body moisturizer argan oil has excellent moisturizing properties and can help people with dry skin.
  • It is also a recommend oil for exfoliation; Helps fight against common skin and hair conditions.
  • It is also an excellent carrier oil for diluting essential oils like tea tree, lavender, peppermint etc.
  • Useful against infection argan oil in combination with tea tree oil can be helpful against skin infection like acne (pimples) etc.
  • It can be mixed with your shampoo and the natural properties of argan oil are helpful for hair conditioning, especially for fizzy hair.

Sourced from morocco, this argan oil also extracted using cold pressed method which helps in retaining natural compounds for maximum skin absorption. Rouh Essentials argan oil is excellent for skin and body moisturizing. You can apply it on your face and leave it overnight.

Mesmara Lemon Grass Essential Oils

Mesmara Lemon Grass Essential Oil is extracted by the process of steam distillation from the leaves of Cymbopogon Flexuosus. One of the Best Essential Oil Brands in India

Mesmara Lemon Grass best essential oil brands

Mesmara Lemon Grass Essential Oil 50 ml 100% Pure Natural & Undiluted

Price:  399.00

  • Commonly used for natural Perfume or Room Spray, Insect Repellent, Natural Relaxant and Stress Reducer.
  • Mesmara essential oil acts as a good skin cleanser and toner and helps in reducing acne. It helps in reducing scars and stretch marks.
  • It has moisturizing properties that helps in relieving scalp dryness and itchiness.
  • Also used for aromatherapy purposes as a natural air freshener.

What is an Essential Oil ?

An Essential Oil is a concentrated, volatile liquid aromatic compound made from plants and plant materials. It cannot be dissolved in water. The particles in essential oils come from distilling different parts of plants, including the flowers, leaves, bark, roots, resin, and peels.

The liquid distilled is a highly-concentrated portion of natural essential oil and will have the characteristic properties, essence, and fragrance of the plant from which it was extracted.

How is Essential oil distilled ?

Distilling an essential oil is both an art and science. In this method, the steam is used to rupture the membranes of the source to release the oils. The steam with the oil compounds is then collected in a condenser where the oil is separated from the water vapour to form pure essential oil.

Buying Guide For Best essential oil brands in india

You have to purchase 100 percent pure undiluted essential oils. Do not buy “fragrance oils” or “perfumed oil” because they are not pure. Do not buy oils where different plant types are the same price.

They could be poor quality oil or artificial made up of chemicals. Essential oils are more costly, but competitively priced with the top brands.

Do not purchase essential oils that have been thinned down with vegetable oils. You should know the country source and the Latin name of the plant on the label.

If you test an essential oil on a paper towel and it turns greasy or oily, it has probably been cut with vegetable Oil.

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