Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes & Quotes with Images

Writing “Happy Wedding anniversary” is probably the simplest part of writing wedding anniversary wishes on a card. The difficulty increases when you have to convey your wishes in the limited lines ahead. A lot of thoughts pour in that may make you overwhelmed. But don’t worry, we got you covered.

Whether you wish your partner, friend or parents, be genuine and write from the ❤️heart. It will be pure as gold, and they’ll love it.

wedding anniversary wishes

To assist you in figuring out what to write, our comprehensive guide to wedding anniversary Quotes will help. Here are some of our handcrafted ideas for wedding anniversary wishes.

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Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Wedding anniversaries are hallmarks of solidarity, love, compassion, and durability. Two people have vowed to stay together through thick and thin. Everyone likes to hear a sweet word of admiration from their loved ones. To be a part of their celebratory night of laughter, have a look at the best Happy wedding anniversary wishes.

wedding anniversary wishes for couple
  1. We have shared love, tears, and laughter over these years, and I know there will be many more ecstatic moments in our future. I wish you all the happiness on our wedding anniversary.
  2. I wish the perfect pair a perfect day and a perfect life. Happy Anniversary!
  3. The two of you gleam with the love you share. May that light get even brighter with the passing years.
  4. May the love and respect you feel for each other today grow even stronger in the future.
  5. Heartiest congratulations on another year of falling crazy in love with each other. Happy Anniversary!
  6. I hope every day you share is more beautiful than the previous! Happy Anniversary to you both.
  7. May the love you have shared till now continue to grow stronger with time.
  8. You make this marriage thing look relatively easy! Hope to be with you till the end of time. Happy anniversary dear.
  9. Cheers to another year walking life’s path hand-in-hand and heart-in-heart!
  10. Even after so many years of togetherness, I can still see that old charm between you both. You’re truly the epitome of a successful marriage.
  11. Here’s to a fantastic past year and an exciting one to come.
  12. Here’s celebrating with you another year of true love and happiness. Happy Anniversary!
  13. I warmly wish you more love on another marriage milestone. Happy Anniversary!
  14. Here’s to another love-filled year together. Happy Anniversary!
  15. Every day, we continue to love each other more and more. Happiest Anniversary to you!
  16. May you be continually blessed with happiness and love throughout your life. Happy Anniversary!
  17. Sending all the best wishes as you celebrate another year of love. May your love continue to grow stronger with the passing of the ages. Happy Anniversary!
  18. True love never dies. It only grows more substantial and authentic with time. Happy another year of togetherness.
  19. Your love is the strongest and most genuine kind. Happiest Anniversary!
  20. Don’t forget to take a moment to recollect the happy memories you’ve created together. Happy Anniversary.

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Marriage anniversary wishes for friend

Do you wish to congratulate your friends for completing another milestone in their journey of love? When ‘Happy Marriage Anniversary‘ isn’t enough, have a creative way with words using our marriage anniversary wishes for friends to wish the celebrating couple many more years of wedded bliss.

happy wedding anniversary quotes
  1. Never leave behind this beautiful love that connects you. Warmest Anniversary Wishes.
  2. I am sending good wishes to our favorite couple.
  3. Warmest Anniversary wishes to two dearest friends.
  4. You two have your reasons to celebrate your togetherness, and as your friend, I have numerous accounts to cherish you both.
  5. It’s so lovely that two of my favorite people are married to each other. Here’s to great years.
  6. You’ve built a love made to continue till the very end. Congratulations.
  7. So glad to have such an adorable couple in our lives.
  8. There are infinite quotes about everlasting love, but only some accomplish it. Congratulations.
  9. Happy Anniversary to the greatest couple of all times.
  10. A love so pure like yours lasts! Happy Wedding Anniversary.
  11. Cheers to the perfect pair, which proved to be an ideal companion.
  12. You’re two of a kind! Happy Anniversary to the perfect pair!
  13. You both are made for each other. Congratulations on another milestone.
  14. May God shower his best wishes on my favorite couple. Cheers!
  15. May your marriage be bestowed with joy and harmony. Happy Anniversary!

Wedding Anniversary wishes for husband

Are you wondering, after so many years of togetherness, how to wish him? Do you want to write something more than “I love you” on your card? Here are some romantic wedding anniversary wishes for your husband.

wedding anniversary wishes for husband
  1. Love is the most priceless thing that you have given me in my life. I love you for the way you make me feel! A happy anniversary, sweetheart.
  2. My love for you is beyond expression. Happiest wedding Anniversary, dear!
  3. Every day of my life is a grand celebration, as you make me feel precious every moment. Happy Anniversary, my love!
  4. Wedding anniversaries are about the love and hardships that we face together. Happy Anniversary.
  5. My life entirely revolves around you, just like the planets revolving around the sun. I wish you a happy anniversary!
  6. Love you so much, I hope we always remain like this – together and happy!
  7. We have gone through a zillion ups and downs in our marital years, but all that made our relationship more profound. I feel so lucky to be your wife. Happy Anniversary.
  8. I never wished a perfect marriage; what I looked for was an adventurous beginning which two people took to find love! Happy Anniversary.
  9. You are the origin of my happiness and the center of my world.
  10. Thank you for being my best friend, lover, husband, soulmate. Happy Anniversary!
  11. Another year, to create numerous memories. Happy Anniversary!
  12. Every day my love is getting more intense for you. Another year of love, I will cherish you forever.
  13. Another phenomenal year. You have been perfect as always. As a husband and dad for our kids, you are amazing.
  14. I know the rest of our lives, lots of happiness, is still waiting for us, and I feel safe in your arms. Happy Anniversary, my sweetheart.
  15. When I say that I love you, I am not saying it out of routine. I am reminding you that you are my whole life.

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Wedding anniversary wishes for wife

Are you tripped up on what to write on your wedding anniversary card? Here are some best marriage anniversary wishes for your wife that could quickly melt her heart. Best marriage anniversary quotes for wife

wedding anniversary wishes for wife
  1. Marrying you, my love, was the smartest thing I ever did.
  2. You’re as young and beautiful today as you were on our wedding day.
  3. I seriously won the lady lottery!
  4. Another year with you makes me wish we live forever together.
  5. I think it isn’t possible to love you anymore. Yet I love you more than yesterday.
  6. As lovely as you look, every time I see you make my heart skip a beat.
  7. Along with this card, you should get a medal for putting up with me. You’re the best thing that happened to me.
  8. It doesn’t matter if it’s our first or tenth Anniversary; what matters is that we support each other forever.
  9. I am constantly doing dumb things because I know that I can always count on you. Happy Anniversary.
  10. If being with you for the rest of my life is crazy, I don’t want to be sane. I love you.
  11. Another year to create precious memories together. Another year to strengthen a marriage that describes forever. Happy Anniversary.
  12. I always thought nothing could be so unblemished in my life. It turns out you are. Happy Anniversary.
  13. I feel so fortunate every day to have you as my wife, lover, and best friend. Thank you for your love and care.
  14. Every marriage is built on a match made in Heaven. May ours be everlasting.
  15. Marriage is a gift that you get to open again every day. May we both be showered by marital love for many years to come.

Wedding anniversary wishes for parents

Your parents are your first role models of how marriage works. Their love bloomed over the years as they overcame every obstacle. To celebrate their solidarity, here are some fabulous marriage anniversary wishes for parents.

wedding anniversary wishes for parents
  1. Thanks for helping me believe in soulmates. I look up to you, mom and dad.
  2. For all the love you gave us, thanks for never shorting one another and being there for us.
  3. Thanks for making me understand the true essence of love. Happy years of togetherness.
  4. I hope that I am lucky enough to find what you two beauties have found when it comes to love. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary.
  5. It’s your love that keeps our family stable.
  6. Congratulations on reaching another milestone. Happy Anniversary.
  7. Because of you both, everyone knows that true love exists. Cherish one another constantly.
  8. You are the parents that all children wish to have. You are the couple that all lovers hope to be. Happy Anniversary.
  9. I believe in “forever” because of you two. Happy wedding anniversary.
  10. Despite all these years, you have been through the trying times, yet your marriage remained solid and steadfast. Happy Anniversary !
  11. I hope I will have a relationship as strong as yours. Happy Anniversary
  12. I remember how gorgeous and happy you were when I was a little kid. Nothing has changed since then. Congratulations!
  13. You’ve overcome many hurdles together, and yet your love and respect for each other only grew. It’s real magic, and I’m proud to witness it. Congratulations.
  14. You’ve already spent a lot of fantastic years together, and now I wish you to spend even more years enjoying with each other. Congratulations!
  15. I send these greetings to celebrate your special day. Such a delightful time this is on your wedding anniversary.

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Happy Wedding anniversary wishes for sister

Having a sister while growing up is the most precious part of childhood. So do you want to send her anniversary wishes but not getting appropriate words to pour your heart out? Here are the most adorable marriage anniversary wishes for your sister.

wedding anniversary wishes for sister
  1. Dear sister, I wish you all the happiness in your life. Happy Anniversary!
  2. Happiest Anniversary to the greatest sister and brother-in-law. Make it last forever!
  3. May your marriage be filled with fun & precious moments! Happy Anniversary!
  4. I feel so proud to see you two make the best and the cutest couple ever. Happy Anniversary.
  5. I am glad to see that your marriage is going well. I wish you all the togetherness on this day! Happy Anniversary!
  6. I wish you both a blissful day and a life full of happiness on this memorable day. Happy Anniversary.
  7. Many wedding anniversary wishes for the most terrific couple in the world. Live happily, and enjoy your special day.
  8. I hope your love remains as young as it was on the day of the wedding! Happy Anniversary!
  9. Sending you lots of love, laughter, and wishes for your Anniversary!
  10. Your presence in my life is the greatest blessing. I hope your partner feels the same! Happy wedding anniversary, my beautiful sister!
  11. No matter how much I try, my words aren’t enough, dear sister. I feel delighted to see you happily married. I wish you a happy marriage anniversary.
  12. Nothing makes me more glad than seeing you satisfied in your married life with your partner. Happy wedding anniversary!
  13. I feel ecstatic when I see you smiling beside your partner – wishing the best couple the happiest wedding anniversary ever!
  14. You proved what a special couple you are. Congratulations.
  15. You have built a strong foundation based on trust and love. Happy wedding anniversary.

Wedding anniversary wishes for brother

Are you looking for some heart-touching marriage anniversary wishes to send to your brother and sister-in-law on their marriage anniversary ? Feel free to choose from the heartfelt anniversary quotes for brothers that we have collected.

Happy Wedding Anniversary wishes in english
  1. May you both enjoy lives full of happy memories. Happy Anniversary.
  2. May your love grow like wildflowers – Happy Anniversary to a beautiful couple.
  3. My brother and his wife make love sound practical—best wishes on your Anniversary.
  4. No treasure in the world compares to the love of a brother. I wish you a happy future life.
  5. Smile and stay blessed with all your wishes. Cheers to the best brother and sister-in-law – Happy Wedding Anniversary to you.
  6. Many congratulations to you, brother, on making your married life so beautiful. I wish you both always stay blessed and happy.
  7. I wish you both endless happiness and love—a happy wedding anniversary.
  8. You are the best couple I have ever known. Live happily and enjoy this beautiful day. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary.
  9. This couple is not only gorgeous but also so strong together. I wish you a wonderful anniversary.
  10. An anniversary is the celebration of trust, love, tolerance. Happy Anniversary brother.
  11. Best wishes to my brother and sister-in-law. May your love remain the same. You are an excellent pair. Stay happy.
  12. A dear brother and a darling sister-in-law, your companionship is a treasure. Happy Anniversary.
  13. Another fantastic year is waiting for your togetherness. Stay blessed.
  14. Heartiest wedding anniversary wishes for my brother and sister-in-law on your first wedding anniversary.
  15. To the world, you may be my brother, but to me, you are my superhero. May you enjoy this phase of your life.

First happy marriage anniversary wishes

The first Anniversary symbolizes a year full of adjustments. Handling that is an accomplishment worth celebrating. Here are some wonderful 1st happy anniversary wishes.

first wedding anniversary wishes
  1. One year down, forever to go. HAPPY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY !
  2. I hope this year will be merely the first of many great ones to come.
  3. I have never been happier than these 365 days of marriage. Cheers.
  4. 365 days later, and I’m still crazy for you as the day of our wedding.
  5. Only one year in, and you’re making marriage look easy.
  6. Congratulations on another year of togetherness. I wish you more power for years to come.
  7. Let us raise our glasses to two imperfect pieces that fit perfectly together.
  8. You two are perfect for each other.
  9. I am sending love to our favorite couple on their Anniversary!
  10. I wish you an anniversary as unique as the love you both share.
  11. May you continue to cherish, love, and honor one another for years to come. Happy Anniversary!
  12. May the honeymoon phase of your relationship never end. Love and support each other as you always do. Congratulations.
  13. You both are genuinely goals to those lucky enough to know you. I hope this love blooms forever—happy Anniversary to you.
  14. May your lives forever be filled with excitement and never-ending love—happy one year of togetherness.
  15. Falling in love is simple, but staying in love is a thing so pure. You did it. Happy Anniversary!

10th marriage anniversary wishes

The celebration of the 10th wedding anniversary commemorates the day they officially came together as a couple and reminds them of why they fell in love in the first place. Below are the best 10th anniversary wishes for the decade-old couple.

wedding anniversary wishes for wife husband
  1. May these ten years of your married life be the prologue of a timeless fairy tale with a lovely ending. Happy wedding anniversary.
  2. May you get numerous years of life together to celebrate your love growing with time—happy 10th Anniversary.
  3. The secret behind a successful marriage is to find a suitable person. You found your soulmate. Cheers.
  4. May the love that united you stay in your hearts forever! Keep supporting and loving each other. I wish you a blessed anniversary.
  5. Marriages are made in Heaven. You two have proven that to be true. Congratulations.
  6. I hope that you two will grow even closer and stronger together with each passing day. Happy Anniversary.
  7. To my favorite couple, I pray you both be with each other till the last breath. Happy Anniversary.
  8. Ten years is only the beginning. As long as you’re together, you will live happily after.
  9. May this major marriage milestone be one of many on your path forever.
  10. Cheers to a decade filled with love! I hope you celebrate your present and future.
  11. Here’s to wishing you numerous blissful years ahead. Happy 10th wedding anniversary!
  12. I wish you many more enriching years of marriage. Congratulations!
  13. Congratulations to the most fabulous couple on your 10th wedding anniversary. May your lives be filled with love!
  14. I wish you abundant hugs and kisses for the most fantastic couple of the year.
  15. Accept my warmest regards and love on this special day. Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary to the most incredible couple in the world!

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25th wedding anniversary wishes

Celebrating your silver jubilee together is truly a privilege. Remembering those years full of highs and lows and still making it is an extraordinary feeling. Let us mark this auspicious day with some captivating 25th marriage anniversary wishes.

25th wedding anniversary wishes
  1. Happy 25th Anniversary to both of you! Congratulations on reaching a milestone built of love and trust!
  2. Congratulations on the silver jubilee! Your relationship you two have is remarkable and inspiring to all of us!
  3. You two became one twenty-five years ago on this day and overcame every problem with the power of your love! Happy 25th Anniversary!
  4. You both proved that even if life’s not perfect, having each other makes everything worth it!
  5. You two proved to us that fairy tales do exist after all! Happy 25th Anniversary!
  6. Best wishes to you both on this auspicious occasion of the silver jubilee of your marriage. Keep loving and cherishing each other.
  7. Hearty congratulations on completing twenty-five years. Always stay happy and blessed!
  8. Twenty-five years of commitment, 25 years of care, 25 years of love, 25 years of happiness. Happy silver jubilee.
  9. Only those who bond in Heaven can walk such a long path yet stay together. Your marriage is like a story to be told for years to come.
  10. It’s tough to be with each other in difficult times. You have succeeded because you loved and trusted each other forever.
  11. Congratulations on your anniversary. We wish you that all your dreams and wishes come true until your golden jubilee.
  12. You both will always be my inspiration for how to maintain a happy marriage!
  13. You brought happiness from day one in each other’s life, So now after 25 years of union, just have fun! Happy wedding anniversary!
  14. Happy 25th Anniversary! You guys are a wonderful couple. Wishing you be as pleased as you were these years!
  15. Just a fabulous pair with bundles of endless love. Happy wedding anniversary to you both.

Wedding anniversary messages

Wedding anniversaries are days that symbolize inseparableness. It is the day when two people decided to be together forever. This intimacy calls for a celebration. To celebrate this occasion, here are some heartwarming wedding anniversary messages for your loved ones.

  1. Having you in my life is an alluring feeling. You make me feel like the most privileged person on this planet with all your words and actions. And today, on completing another milestone of togetherness, all I want to say is you are the apple of my eye. I love you and will continue to cherish you forever. Cheers.
  2. I wish a happy anniversary to this beautiful couple who is the personification of love. You both epitomize perfection while celebrating each other’s imperfections. Your solidarity throughout these years symbolizes the best in life. May God bless you.
  3. This couple accurately depicts a real-life fairytale— the heartiest congratulations on another year of falling crazier in love. A couple like you enjoys life in all its flavors. Happy Anniversary!
  4. Whenever I count my blessings, I count you twice. You bring a beam of sunshine so bright. There is nothing I want more than your joyful presence in my life. Happy anniversary, my beautiful wife.
  5. You’re such a special couple whose old charisma is clear to see. You make this marriage thing look so easy. May your bond only grow stronger with love as you are meant to be. I wish you the best regards on your tenth wedding anniversary.
  6. Your relationship has been so profound despite all ups and downs. I hope you both enjoy these marital years till eternity. After all these years, that glitter is still gold. Let us raise our glasses to the incredible chemistry between these two. Best regards to you.
  7. We all were like a group of F.R.I.E.N.D.S., and you both are Monica and Chandler. I adore you both and the epic relationship you have with each other. You both are the calm to each other’s madness. May the only hardship you face in life is to make every anniversary better than the last. I love you both. Congratulations.
  8. Never in my dreams did I ever entertain the idea that I would find someone as passionate and kind as you. You make me and our family phenomenally happy. You are the true essence of perfection, darling. Happy anniversary to you!
  9. Your companionship and support through life’s highs and lows have taught me solidarity. Your tolerance for the most irritating habits of each other has taught me patience. Happy anniversary to this perfect couple who taught me the crux of true love!
  10. May your days be lit by each other’s smiles. Walking down life’s long paths with each other is not a common thing. You guys made it happen with the power of your love, strength, respect, and solidarity. Always reminisce that you’re each other’s soulmates, and enjoy the kind of love that grows and knows no end—cheers to the years of companionship and many more to come.
  11. On this fantastic day, reflect on your past mistakes, celebrate today with laughter, and anticipate the future with hearts full of hope. I wish God bestows his best wishes on you both. You both are a treasure to each other. Continue supporting each other. Cheers.
  12. I have seen myself grow with you throughout these years, I have seen you overcome all the obstacles you faced and mold into this outstanding personality and I adore you the most. Cheers to our love, honey. Happy Anniversary!!
  13. May your beautifully intertwined lives continue to grow and stay together. You’ve overcome many hurdles together, and yet your love and respect for each other only grew. It’s real magic, and I’m proud to witness it. Congratulations.
  14. You have built a strong foundation based on trust and love. May the love you possess for one another continue to grow and blossom everyday. Congratulations on completing 20 years of togetherness.
  15. We have what many others dream of. I have lived the best 15 years of my life with you and I hope this significant milestone is one of the many more to come. I don’t care if I reach my destination if I spend my journey with you as my travel partner. Happy anniversary, sweetheart. I love you.

Wedding anniversaries are hallmarks of solidarity, love, compassion, and durability. Two people have vowed to stay together through thick and thin. Whether you wish your partner, friend or parents, be genuine and write from the heart, Everyone likes to hear a sweet word of admiration from their loved ones. It will be pure as gold, and they’ll love it.

We hope you like our collection of wedding anniversary wishes , Share wishes with your friends, brother, sister, husband, wife, parents and with your loved one.

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